1-mandisa pompey

mandisa f

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  1. Anonymous

    always heard the term words can’t explain,but looking at this really got me experiencing it first hand………………truly untarnishable beauty

  2. alicia james

    All the best Mandisa Pompey

  3. Anonymous

    eloquence personified my best wishes to tis divinity

  4. Anonymous

    eloquence personified my best wishes to tis divinity

  5. Sade St Clair

    You look so beautiful Mandy…………. All the best to you…………you are indeed my 1st favorite…… Dark is indeed beautiful

  6. Sade St Clair

    beautiful, My No.1 favourite

  7. Karesia Alexis

    All the Best Mandy :)

  8. Aisha John

    I think she has what it takes to win this year’s Borough Queen

  9. Ella Taylor

    Mandisa you look really pretty…. Good Luck!!!!

  10. Anonymous

    winner #1

  11. Anonymous

    Best of luck sis #1mwha

  12. u go girl woi woi

  13. Mavis Peterson-Paul

    Mandy my home girl I wish you God’s Blessings. Hope to be at that show this year only to support my Fanny Village girl. Coming home soon. Bless

  14. Ren

    gud luck chic….

  15. Anonymous

    all d best black beauty…. aka…

  16. safiya fortune

    all thr best hunii i knw u can do well.

  17. Anonymous

    all d best u go girl

  18. Ancilla Francois

    All the best young lady, you look wonderful. Supporting Fanny Village all the way.

  19. Anastasia

    Alll the best hunnie im so proud of u n u look so pretty…hell yes ur gonna win!!!!!!

  20. brownlyn mari

    you look like the next wendy fitzz william. keep it up you will reach far. you have the look poise and elegance to go with it. to me i did not see any compitition for you. so be calm, cofident and give them your best.